, September 26, 2022



Web3 needs Web3 native media to take control of its narrative destiny. Distributed and decentralized media free from permission or trust from centralized intermediaries, built from the ground up using Web3 technology is the way.

This is Beta (phase 1) of the project. We've decided to launch on Ghost for the sake of getting content of value to the Web 3 community as fast as possible. Alpha (Phase 2) will see us transitioning to a fully Web3 native and social-enabled Media ecosystem.

Community Centric Creation

The Distributed Media Ecosystem will value, reward, and incentivize the efforts of our entire community to co-create the narrative and navigate the complex web 3 world with us.

Traditional (Web 2) Media is not transparent or decentralized, so it is subject to political influence and control by centralized institutions. Rather than meeting the needs of readers, our sources of information have been compromised, and it’s having a profound impact on how we perceive reality.

Mainstream media also does an awful job of reporting on Web3. Most of their content is a surface-level analysis that demonstrates a lack of understanding of the underlying technology or community dynamics. Other times they’re hit or FUD pieces designed to discourage people from participating in the web 3 renaissance of community ownership and decentralized finance.

Controlling our Narrative Destinies

This is why we’ve decided to launch the Distributed Media DAO – So we as a community can control our narrative destinies and write about the Web3 revolution from a Web3 mindset. Our focus will be on building a strong community for curated and co-created content and education to navigate the complex web3 space.

We plan to provide a service as a launchpad and amplifier for promising Web3 projects and innovative ideas in the web 3 media space.

Decentralized + Distributed Media

We will walk the walk of decentralization and Distribution from the outset. The Distributed media ecosystem and DAO will place value on, reward, and incentivize our member community efforts to co-create the web3 narrative with us and add value to the ecosystem.

The values of decentralization, resilience, permissionless-ness, trustlessness, and anti-censorship will always be top of mind at Distributed. So please join us and help tell the true story of Web3 away from the influence of manipulation and spin.

Join Us To Navigate Web3 Together

Ash, Jo and the Distributed Media Collective